Futaba T10J Radio Control

Futaba T10J Radio Control

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High-end transmitter, hand-held, fully developed, with 10 channels, with integrated telemetry function and 2.4 GHz T-FHSS® technology with frequency hopping.

This new 10J radio control replaces the 10CG. It uses the T-FHSS transmission system but also S-FHSS, offers 10 channels with integrated telemetry.
Ergonomic and comfortable, the T10J has a large backlit screen that is effective in all light conditions. A 4-position pad gives you a more intuitive navigation in the various menus, which can be displayed in seven languages including French.

Radio control set ideal for controlling aircraft and helicopter models and multicopters, it provides a feeling of flight of great precision.
The T10J set allows, with its extremely numerous functions, very demanding applications while meeting virtually all possible programming wishes. The perfectly ergonomically re-designed transmitter housing benefits from all the known qualities of Futaba, it fits particularly well in the hand and is distinguished by the control elements arranged in a perfectly accessible way.
A large high-definition graphic display and active matrix of 128 x 64 dots with background lighting allows excellent reading regardless of the brightness.
The graphical guide driving level with Futaba's simple and well-known menu structure simplifies use - the guide can be chosen in one of the 7 languages offered. The 3D soft-key system with intuitive servo control allows simple and fast navigation through the menu structure and easy adjustment of all parameters.

Technical characteristics:

  • 2.4 GHz T-FHSS® Technology
  • Advanced transmission security thanks to a fast frequency hopping (100 x per second)
  • Perfectly prepared for the future (technology that already meets the new EC standards of 2015)
  • Telemetry
  • 32-Way telemetry system
  • Telemetry range up to 1000 meters
  • Real-time display on a large screen
  • Spoken instructions (via optional headphones with 3.5mm plug)
  • Melodic and sound expression (via internal vibrator or headphones)
  • Vibration alarm
  • Data recording control signals and telemetry characteristics in preparation
  • Large 65 x 34 mm screen with background lighting (128 x 64 dots).
  • S-BUS technology for the absolute integration of servos, drives and S-BUS sensors
  • T-FHSS® 2.4 GHz Technology
  • The S.BUS assistance is ideal for helicopter models with an S.BUS system without a stabilizer bar (Flybarless)
  • Integrated patch antenna always ensuring an ideal radiation of the antenna
  • Fully operated 10-way transmitter with 19 control elements
  • Precise and backlash-free control handles with Open-Stick mechanics
  • The mechanism of the universal modes (modes 1 and 2) can be changed by the user.
  • The kit includes a Lipo battery for an autonomy of 10 hours, and dedicated charger.
  • Switching from T-FHSS modulation (10 channels) to S-FHSS modulation (8 channels).
  • T-FHSS® frequency hopping technology with integrated telemetry
  • A wide dispersion provides high safety with regard to disturbances and extremely fast reaction times for a direct and precise driving sensation.
  • FEC technology, the T-FHSS® receivers continuously scan the intake signal and apply an intelligent fault correction procedure
  • 100m W transmitting power
  • No loss in reaction speed even in a highly frequented frequency band
  • Real-Time–Response - real-time steering
  • Excellent range
  • Constantly direct and ultra-fast digital modulation for extremely fast reaction times
  • Easy Link - very simple and fast link procedure between transmitter and receiver
  • Automatic re-establishment of a fast and safe connection even in difficult conditions
  • Intelligent synchronization of the servo by a balanced servo control and to avoid differences in the displacement of the servos
  • Dual Antenna Diversity - ultra-fast switching between the two types of receiving antennas for optimal reception signal quality (depending on the receiver)
  • Built-in range test function to check the range before taking off.

* Ergonomics
- Precision handles for precise and very sensitive steering
- Large 65 x 34 mm backlit screen with contrast for better readability even in direct sunlight
- 7 languages to choose from: german, english, french, italian, spanish, japanese or Dutch
- Multimode (mode 1,2,3,4)

* Telemetry
- Telemetry range: 1000 m
- Real-time display of telemetry data on the integrated display
- Sound information on headphones with 3.5mm jack plug
- Sound output (by internal beep or optional headphones)
- Vibrating alarm
- Undervoltage warning for monitoring the receiver's battery
- Configurable output of telemetric characteristics via the screen, sound, language and vibrations
- Compatible with all Futaba telemetry sensors

* Emission + SBUS technology
- In T-FHSS modulation: 10 channels and in S-FHSS modulation: 8 channels
- Patch antenna (circular) for transmission in all directions
- R3008SB receiver with SBUS technology - SBUS channel programming with T10J

* Basic functions
- 30 model memories
- Alarm, mixing, undervoltage, timer, Copy templates
- School mode (monitor-student), with individual transmission of functions and / or mixing mode.
- Inversion of the gas function
- Counter of operating hours
- Scope mode
- User name (10 characters)
- Digital voltage display

* Airplane Menu
- three-point mixing programs, with drift mixing (Offset) in addition
- Flaperon mixing device with differential
- Trim Flaperon (Flaperon mix value)
- Ailerons rudder, elevator - Flaperon, Flaperon - depth
- Airbrakes (ailerons as bend flaps/airbrakes)
- Ailvator mixing device (Fins - depth)
- Butterfly mixing device (V-Tail)
- Delta mixing device (Elevon) with differential

* Helicopter Menu
3-point mixing programs with drift mixing add-on
- 5-point throttle curve, normal, priority to throttle 1, 2 and 3
- 5-point pitch curve, normal, gas priority 1, 2, 3 and autorotation
- Hovering throttle trim (mixing regulator)
- Step trim, hover
- Pitch mixing; rear rotor
- Autorotation with tail rotor drift
- Dual mixing device for roll, pitch and tail rotor function; all flight plates
- Autorotation with tail rotor drift
- Pitch mixing device - rear rotor
- swashplate-gas mixing device
- Governor focus menu (dimmer)
- Adjustment of the travel of the swashplate (AFR)
- Servo control of the swashplate H1, H2, HR3, H3 (90°), HE3, H3 (1:1:1), H4, H4X
- Focus of the min pitch. and max.
- Gas-needle mixing device
- Mixing device for the ring of the swashplate
- Swashplate mixing menu

Product content:

- Transmitter in mode 2 or 1, as desired
- Receiver R3008SB
- 2800mah lipo emission battery
- Lipo charger
- 1 switch cord
- 1 user manual in French

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Futaba T10J Radio Control

Futaba T10J Radio Control

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