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The model maker's tools that you will keep in your workshop for a long time!

Posted on1 Year ago

Some specific tools, intended for model aircraft or model makers and dronists are essential. The problem is that in general, we realize this a little late, after having bothered for nothing for years. Here is a list of essential products, which you will buy once and keep for a long time in your workshop.

The spar cutter or chopstick cutter
Usually, when you need balsa planks and balsa rods to build an airplane, you buy planks and balsa rods. And sometimes, we do not find precisely the ribs sought with regard to the sticks of this rare and precious wood. There is a solution: make your own balsa sticks from planks, with a suitable tool: the spar cutter. This is a blade that fits on a 5mm thick balsa board for example. All you have to do is set the width of the cutout to 5mm to effortlessly produce perfect 5x5mm baguettes! tip: do not force this tool, but rather pass gently several times over the cutting trace so as not to break anything.

The third hand with magnifying glass (or pliers):
When soldering a wire and a connector for example, you have to use one hand to hold the electric wire, one to hold the connector, one to hold the tin wire, one to hold the soldering iron, in short, you have to to be Shiva! This god exists, it is the third hand! And that's just a way of speaking because some of these products offer even more arms!

The hot air gun (which replaces the heat gun)
After welding, it is often necessary to put on a heat-shrinkable sheath (made hot in the factory, the sheath shrinks back to its initial shape when heated). Some people use a lighter...this is not suitable: the flame of the lighter heats up too much and deteriorates the material! Others use a heat gun. Again, too hot, too big, in short, less practical (and dangerous for interlinings, PPE, etc... The heat gun is the best tool for this!

Fume extractor
This extractor traps the toxic fumes associated with welding, instead of the lungs, all thanks to an activated carbon filter. Like any safety element, it is not "optional" but mandatory when welding regularly. And when you weld regularly, you may also need this: a welding mat.

Tweezers with ceramic tip

This type of pliers can be used to recover a small component on an electronic board. An electronic board is filled with components, such as capacitors sometimes. By recovering this component, there is a risk of short-circuit even if the circuit is not live, especially if the tip of a classic pliers causes the discharge of a capacitor! This precision tweezer is non-heat-conductive, non-electrically conductive and the ceramic head withstands temperatures up to 1600 degrees!

Pliers for bending piano strings
It is ideal for making all the flight controls of an airplane, for passing the piano wires directly into the control horns and rudder pedals. It also exists in this form!

The quick-release vice
This vise is like no other. We screw to tighten his part, but a simple pressure on the button allows to loosen it
It is robust and stable: a must, especially for working on flight controls!

The Dremel
What can we say about this emblematic model tool! It is used everywhere and for everything: cutting, smoothing, grinding, machining... You shouldn't take too small to have a sufficiently powerful motor, even if it means adding this accessory: the flexible shaft!
Some of the most popular accessories include:
- The lamp (led) optional
- the diamond cutting disc, to cut everything, especially carbon
- the cutting guide, well known in the world of indoor flight to reduce depron

The sprocket extractor
For all recalcitrant sprockets, especially on electric motors, this is the ideal solution! But still it is necessary to know that it exists, and even in different formats (here in mini)

Quick clamps
This system is very well known and widespread. But the problem is that the quality differs greatly from one brand to another, including materials and mechanisms that do not hold up well over time. Here is a tested and approved reference, for its robustness.

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